Yariv Bar Dayan Law Firm  is a high quality boutique law office  specializing in Property and Real Estate Law and is one of Israel's leading firms in all aspects of Urban Renewal.


The firm specializes in  Real Estate and Property transactions including Urban Renewal projects, National Outline Plan 38(TAMA 38) and Vacate and Build   ("Pinui Binui" ) projects , sales and rental transactions , real estate combination deals, commercial real estate transactions, land use changes (promoting urban construction plans), purchasing and buyers groups.   


The firm is headed by Advocate Yariv Bar Dayan who has over 20 years of  practical experience in Property and Real Estate Law  and specializes in the field of Urban Renewal. Advocate Bar Dayan is constantly managing complex and major Urban Renewal transactions. 


The office provides its many clients with a professional, modern, high-quality and  personal  service. The legal team led by Advocate Yariv Bar Dayan puts a special  emphasis on  creative thinking  from  both legal and business angles.


The firm's attorneys have accumulated an exceptional depth of experience and proficiency in the field of Property and Real Estate Law and have an integrated teamwork approach in handling various transactions in this field of expertise.

The firm acts for over 800 families in approximately 15 Vacate and Build ("Pinui Biunui ") projects, at various stages, for the building of 3000 new dwelling units out of which 639 new apartments are presently under construction.

Advocate Bar Dayan is a permanent member of the Ministry of Construction and Housing  Round Table Forum dealing with  Vacate and Build ("Pinui Biunui").He has also participated in formulating the Real Estate Appraisers Standard No.21.Advocate Bar Dayan lectures, writes articles and participates in conferences on Urban Renewal issues.

The firm's clients include leading contractors and construction companies, large groups of landowners and tenants, property owners and private clients.